Real Estate Executive Training Yonkers NY

Realty Executives works directly with you from the moment you enter our preparation program. Realty Executive of New York serving Yonkers NY, Queens NY, and Nassau County, has created a unique training center focused on real estate offering specific tools, and with a unique online interface that allows anyone to start at the beginning and jump ahead of each task. Every Executive can get the training they want, at a pace that’s comfortable for them whether it’s day or night.

Our proven models and system of rules are meant to be shared and implemented in a collaborative surrounding. Franchise training combined with our franchise onboarding system. These systems give you the tools to customize and apply successful strategies to your business so you can learn from the top brokers in the real estate business. Our Training Substance is ever changing just like our profession. Our training system is kept up to date with the latest information to be sure our Executives can take on the newest and best opportunities.

These Services Include:

  • Specialized Support Teams 
  • Business Development Directors
  • National Recruiting Directors
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Leads Management Consultants


Realty Executives is an association that was developed starting from the earliest stage the single motivation behind making unmatched levels of progress among our establishment proprietors, brokers, and Executives. We're searching for superstars who want to amplify their success. Our goal is to draw in the most elite in our industry or the best real estate agent in the city. Also, as a result of this, we have 40 years of experience, enabling us to become one of the industry’s most prominent success stories. We have what you have to propel your profession to the next level:


  • Top Talent Network with more than 700 franchise offices around the world you are never far from the power of Realty Executives and our strong network of professionals, properties, and potential homebuyers.
  • Training and Events no matter what stage you are in your Real Estate career, we give you multiple avenues to better yourself, develop new and improved skills, or learn from those around you.
  • United Marketing Efforts that generated leads through prominent TV, radio, print, outdoor and online advertising elevating your reputation while generating leads.
  • High-Value Support with our low-cost, cutting-edge tech tools to help you work more efficiently with our technology tools. Our MLS and CRM systems give you and your listing broad exposure to help you connect with new and existing clients.
  • Financial Benefits keep you better off financially without increasing your workload. Our flexible fee structure means you determine what your upfront commission is.

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Our Service Areas: Nassau, Suffolk, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan